Customer Reviews

I’m not a big tea drinker, so I was sure I won’t care for this, but to my surprise I love it. I drink it cold every day, and make sure my travel drinking bottle is full of it when I go to the pool for my water aerobics classes. Refreshing, and good for flushing out toxins.
– Lorna D, Saint Louis MO

This is delicious. I highly recommend it to everyone I talk to.

-Lisa A, Bradenton FL

It is delicious. In the afternoon when I want my daily tea I go for this now!

Kristin L, Dracut MA

I like Matcha tea and I love mint tea, so having them combined in an easy-to-use tea bag is wonderful. This tea is delicious!

Charnita F, Dothan AL

Very flavorful and can’t wait to try some other varieties!

Lisa G, Houston TX

I love to drink tea, and this one did not disappoint at all! The flavor was very light and refreshing, not at all overpowering. Perfect blend!

Jackie M, Grain Valley MO

I love tea period, but this tea was great. Had a smooth taste and gave me that much needed energy boost.

brandy L, Greensburg IN

This is delicious! I love chamomile tea! Its so soothing and relaxing!

Sheina D, Roachdale IN

I love how natural this tea smells and tastes.

Jessica H, Mount Joy PA

I like it! The benefits of the tumeric and moringa are just what I was looking for. Has a pleasant flavor and no aftertaste. The bags are nicely packaged in individual packets. I would definitely recommend this product and plan to make it part of my routine.

Barb C, North Fairfield OH

This tea tastes great. It is really flavorful and doesn’t need any sweetener, although I’m sure it would be fantastic with some honey! The fruity flavor is strong and great!

Jessica S, Concord MI

Absolutely wonderful flavor! I could hardly wait to let it finish steeping!! Very soothing tea indeed!

Lauren Z, Cross plains TN

I loved it. I received the blueberry one and fell in love.

rebecca s, CENTRALIA WA

It was delicious. I drink it first thing in the morning to start my day. I’ve already ordered more. Definitely easy to make and the taste was perfect.

chauncie c, Harvest AL

So perfect for helping me relax! I really love this tea it tastes absolutely delicious with a spoonful of honey!

Helen A, Brooklyn NY

I love tumeric and this tea was just what I needed. Works for my inflammation. Will def be purchasing!

Kellie B, Fort Worth TX

Best product in the box, tea is so good with health benefits!

Tammy M, Basom NY

The tea tastes amazing. Very refreshing.

Brittany D, Colorado springs CO

I have not tried a turmeric product before. I was pleasantly surprised with the flavor and over all feel it gave my body. Something to put on the shopping list.

Lisa B, Detroit MI

Very good. Has a good taste. Even better with a little added sugar.

Kaitlyn P, Corry PA

I have always been afraid to try Matcha tea, this is actually very good and I enjoy the little boost of energy I get from it. Definitely will be purchasing again when it is gone.

Linda O, Sharpsburg GA

I’m in love with this tea. It tasted great and was very soothing.


I had never tried Matcha tea before, but it was really good. I love mint, and this tea was a good afternoon pick me up! I shared with 2 co-workers and they both liked it.

Natasha M, Double Springs AL

This tea is REALLY GOOD! I loved it!!!

Carol D, Mishawaka IN

This tea has just the right amount of flavor and scent to get your morning started feeling fresh and revived!

Sheryl G, National City CA

I have been wanting to try Moringa organic tea and now I got to. This is a fantastic smelling and tasting tea. The benefits are huge. I have fallen in love with Tipson Teas now. I will be buying more Moringa flavor and trying others. I drink tea every morning and nite. My new fav is Tipson Tea, Absolutely love it !!!

Donna B, Lake Mary FL

The flavor is on point, perfect for any time of the day. It steeps well and is aromatic.

Jena N, Valparaiso IN

I’m super excited that it’s organic tea. I drink my tea without any sugar or honey to enjoy the natural flavor and I will admit this tea was delicious. I steeped it longer than the package suggested and it was perfect natural moringa flavor.


I really love this tea. The combination of peach, moringa and turmeric is delicious. I like this product is organic and made with only a few natural ingredients. It was delicious as hot tea or iced tea. Highly recommend it!

Ashley N, Jamaica NY

Received the Tipson Organic Tea in my #Dailygoodiebox. I love this tea especially at night. It helps me to relax and fall asleep easily. I love the taste, not too strong.

Mary B, Caldwell ID

Love Tipson organic tea. It has a great flavor.

Kristen R, Chicopee MA

A delicious tea with wonderful health benefits. I recommend this for morning and afternoon tea as it really gets your body and mind flowing. Fantastic.

Taronn F, Milwaukee WI

This tea was great. It wasn’t overwhelming, or bitter. Also green tea is healthier for you.

Danielle B, Cullman AL

I received the Tipson Organic Tumeric Tea and it was very tasty. I drank it before bedtime and like that it was caffeine free, I also added a bit of honey to it. It’s a very nice blend but not too powerful.

Dianna P, Orange CA

These are truly relaxing and great for the evening. I love trying new teas. I’m so impressed and in love and wish I had an endless supply!

Rachel W, Willoughby OH

The organic tea was enjoyable and helped me to relax. I liked the mango flavor very much.

Adam R, Rio Rancho NM

I received the Tumeric tea and I found it to have a really nice taste. I have always heard that Tumeric is really good for you and this tea is a great way to add it to my diet. I will definitely be buying more!

Angela M, Portage IN

This is my new favorite tea! Thank you Daily Goodie Box for another great product that I’ve added to my regular grocery list.

Melissa S, Charleston WV

I enjoyed this very much. It has a pleasant smell. And the flavor was light, with no additives (sweeteners) needed. I especially like the fact they are individually wrapped, so I can grab and go and use at any time of day.

Michelle S, Harrisburg NC

Great product. I loved the tea. Will definitely look for more flavors to try.


I love tea and especially this one. I try to drink a cup of herbal tea at night to help me wind down for the day. I’m going to keep my eye out for Tipson brand when purchasing more.

Wendy M, Sparks NV

At first I wasn’t sure I’d like this tea because I’ve never really had organic tea before, definitely glad I tried it because I love it.

Harley s, Sherman TX

Fruit-infused caffeine free herbal tea! I love the light uplifting taste!

Christin B, Corpus Christi TX

This tea tastes so yummy! I’m very picky when it comes to my tea but this tea is full of flavor and the aroma is extraordinary.

Jherrica S, Sikeston MO

What a treat! Light and refreshing tea made for afternoon gossip sessions!

Angie H, Exmore VA

This is really good. You can drink this at anytime. I love that it is natural and organic. The honey and lemon leaves a nice aftertaste, wanting more.

BJ M, Longview TX

I just tried some of this tea that I got in my Daily Goodie box and I am truly amazed how good it is. I’m really not a tea person either but this taste pretty good.

jennifer m, Aberdeen NJ

This was a fantastic tea. A real must have.


Tried the tea for the first time and I love the taste! And organic is a plus!

Diana S, Odonnell TX

Relaxing and taste buds satisfying!

Arissa M, Spokane WA

Tastes great! Just love it!

Lauren T, Troy MI

Tasty and refreshing.

Adam L, Big Lake MN

Absolutely love this tea.

Jennifer R, Ramsey MN

Just made me some and I love the taste. Just found my new tea 🙂

Melissa S, Charleston WV

I am not much of a tea person but this tea with a little raw organic honey was really good. This is a tea I could definitely see myself drinking at breakfast every morning.

Vanessa P, Georgetown TX

Wonderful relaxing tea. Great for a nice hot cup!

Melissa M, Tucson AZ

The tea is wonderful! Full of flavor and soothing aroma. I would definitely buy this at the store.

Carolyn B, Greybull WY

I love ginger teas and this one is by far the best. It is not very spicy from the ginger. Very mellow and delicious.

Stephanie w, Commerce TX

Normally not a tea person but I found this one to be very good! I’ve already purchased another one!

Lacy M, Murray City OH

The Tipson Turmeric Ginger & Cinnamon tea, was delicious. What a wonderful blend of spices. I always enjoy organic tea and this one is no exception. I added a little honey to mine.

Teresa M, Adrian MI

Tea, I drink it literally all day. It’s my drink of choice, I was so happy to find these in my box. I typically drink black tea and it was nice to mix it up. The flavor was really good and I like my tea cold so I brewed it and poured it over ice with a lemon wedge, it made for a great drink in the hot weather we’re having. It was sweet but not too sweet, it was made for my taste buds.

Adrian J, Buchanan MI

Tipson organic tea cinnamon and vanilla is such an amazing combination. There are so many health benefits to Tumeric. I highly recommend this tea.

Jamie L, Fort Lauderdale FL

This tea was good. Had some one afternoon while watching TV. The flavor was amazing. Hopefully I can find some more.


Love this product. Feel better overall after using it.

Stacey P, Brandenburg KY

Interesting flavor, turmeric, vanilla and cinnamon tea. It is not a strong flavor you can use with or without sugar it’s your choice. Pure organic turmeric herbal infusion. I enjoyed the light tea before bedtime, no caffeine!

Claudberta M, Uniontown OH

This tea was so amazing! I loved how they had the whole box instead of just one sample or two. Cinnamon and Ginger go so well together! I love my tea extra hot and that is like the only way to have this kind because it makes it so much better! I got twenty-five tea bags and I don’t even know how to explain how excited I was!!

Emily O, Medina OH

I didn’t think I would love this tea. Ginger is usually not my favorite but with honey, lemon the taste is amazing and this helped me with heartburn and indigestion. I give 10 stars.

Alisha R, Johnson City TN

So delicious and refreshing – great flavor.

Zoe N, Goshen NY

We love some sweet tea around here, it is after all “the wine of the south”. The whole family really enjoyed the taste of this, thank you.

Sasha S, Charleston WV

What a great taste. Looking forward to trying other flavors!

David S, Charleston WV

This Matcha Tea is amazing! Matcha with Turmeric, you can’t go wrong. I love knowing that I’m benefiting from Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties, while being energized by the matcha! Excellent product, great taste and greater benefits! Thank you!

Christy S, Olympia WA

A little bit of sugar or honey and a splash of milk and you have the perfect, relaxing tea. I love a mild tea and this one definitely delivers.

Melanie F, Ashland KY

Absolutely love the mango passion fruit Tipton Matcha tea. Its flavorful and refreshing!

Penny C, Hamilton AL

The Tipson Moringa & Mango Organic Tea is delicious! It has a nice, strong flavor of mango, but not too overbearing. The tea and the flavor is so smooth that I was even able to drink it without sugar and/or milk. Definitely will be purchasing more of this yummy goodness!

Brooke B, Hawthorn PA

I’m not a huge fan of tea normally but this was pretty refreshing, this will be on my next shopping list.

Andrea L, Sandy hook KY

Though you can smell the blueberry out of the packet, the matcha and blueberry are in balance when drinking. It is quite refreshing and works well when chilled and added to a glass of ice.

Akihiro S, New York NY

I love tea all year round and this one is no exception. I absolutely love it and it’s good for me! Definitely a winner!!

Jolene M, Radford VA

I received this free Tipson Organic Cinnamon & Ginger Tea through #dailygoodiebox to test. A friend dropped by for a visit, so we sat on the patio and had some hot tea and cookies. The tea is very pleasing. Our taste buds were extremely happy! I also like the fact that it is organic. Thank you Tipson and Daily Goodie Box! Another winner —- love these boxes! They are awesome!!! As always, God bless.

Roni M, Fairhope AL

I love green tea, and this has a great taste! Definitely enjoyed it.

Jennifer J, Tacoma WA

Delicious tea! Love the ingredients and the fact that it’s caffeine free!

Heather S, Odon IN

Turmeric peach and moringa tea is delicious, will recommend!

Bonita J, Ironton OH

Tipson Organic Tea is delicious and chock full of wonderful health benefits! It is a marvelous way to unwind and relax after a long day. Enjoy!!!

Donald R, Dover PA

I was expecting not to care for the taste of this tea, but it is extremely refreshing and isn’t bitter like most teas that are similar! I really enjoyed the tea and I intend on adding it to my daily purchases!

Ruthann A, Saint Marys GA

Very good and tasty.

Austin P, Marion IA

Oh, I am too excited about this one! I love tea, but I like it sweet and flavorful. I particularly enjoy it in the winter, however, I made an exception to try this one and I’m glad I did! I steeped a tea bag in 4 ounces of hot water and added a very small amount of orange honey to it, it tasted AMAZING! Usually, I have sugar and cream added as well, but I didn’t for this one and I felt I got the most out of it. Very flavorful and really good! Would definitely buy again!

Ashley D, Marrero LA

Got the mint tea my wife and daughter love mint tea and they loved it and they ranked it in their top 3 best mint teas.

AARON B, Oldtown MD

Tastes pretty good. I like it.

Ahman V, Hampton VA

I received the Turmeric Vanilla & Cinnamon flavored infusion. This is a combination I have been looking for. It is divine with flavor. I add just a touch of organic honey and I am in heaven. It is just the right amount of each herb for a satisfying cup of tea.

Pamela C, Paisley FL

Very nice. I’m always looking for a good tea that will not raise my blood sugar or blood pressure. Will be investing in other flavors.

Rosalie R, Evansville IN

Smells and tastes great. I’m very happy with this product.

Athena D, Arlington WA

So delicious! I’m not really a tea drinker but the lemon flavor sounded appealing and I’m so glad I tried it! I loved the taste.

Audra O, Penfield NY

I enjoy the flavor of cloves in my hot tea. As soon as I removed the outer wrapping the scent of cloves was in the air. Just enough peppermint to balance the flavor. Love that it also has turmeric. Organic is always a plus. I would absolutely purchase TIPSON ORGANIC TEA.

Janette L, Clare MI

I got the Moringa and Mango flavor. I really like it! I had it hot, 1 teabag with a packet of Truvia. It has a mild yet fruity flavor and I look forward to trying it cold too. I love hot tea and enjoy this flavor but I do think it is a kind that would be better cold for me anyhow. It is really tasty!

Colleen D, Windsor Locks CT

I love tea & I love matcha. This was a nice tea. I loved the taste as well as the smell. I can see me adding this as a staple in my routine.

Jessica B, Carson CA

This had a great flavor, almost gives you a relaxed feeling. Loved it!

Jeanne P, Chattaroy WA

Absolutely Love Green Tea! I think this one is my new favorite!


I received the ginger cinnamon and it’s very good! I will be buying more!

Roberta L, Ironton OH

Omg!!!!! Thank you so much for the goodie box. I love this tea so much, and so does my fiancee. It has a very subtle flavor that you wouldn’t expect with ginseng, but it is absolutely amazing!

Deidre V, Romney WV

I tried this tea today and the it was great light crisp taste. Definitely would buy this item in the future.

Venessa V, Lincoln Park MI

The taste is out of this world ! I love the mix of matcha turmeric and passion fruit together.

Erica P, South river NJ

I received the moringa and ginger flavored and it is so good. The aroma was very bold and smelled so good. Ginger is one of my absolute go to’s for tummy aches and for its relaxing qualities. I’ve never heard of moringa before, but I am a fan for sure! These flavors together complimented each other perfectly. I will be buying some more flavors when my box is all gone.

Amy A, Fairless hills PA