Tipson Tea Blueberry MatchaI don’t know about you guys – but I am always a fan of Fall. The leaves start to change – the air changes – there is a freshness that just takes over and I want to start making changes – positive changes – start drinking more water – start making cleaner food choices – exercise a bit more consistently and even do a little bit of ‘spring cleaning’ – because it’s fall right? Fall is a fantastic season and one that I use to re-evaluate what I’m doing in my life as well.

One of the first things I did this season was to start exploring tea again! If you have been watching and staying tapped in – you guys know that I absolutely love coffee – but I have rediscovered the tea world and @tipsonteausa really got me excited about tea again – they honestly have the widest range of flavor options that I have ever seen and their tea is actually good! How awesome is that!

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