I have been a devoted tea drinker since my mom first shared some of her green tea with me when I was in high school. It was love at first sip! Since then, I have started and ended every day with tea, and I love all kinds. Drinking tea is a soothing, meditative experience for me, and it makes me feel good – physically and mentally. But it’s also fun. I love mixing up the kinds of tea I drink based on the season at hand. For instance, in the summer, I prefer fruitier, lighter teas, and once fall hits, I turn to spiced tea and chai.

When Tipson Tea sent me a box of their organic, non-GMO teas to try, I made a cup of each type and instantly began to imagine the perfect time of year for these teas. And so, I have grouped their teas based on when I think they’d be most suitable to drink:

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