Organic Tulsi – Chamomile & Lemon


⭐️ AN ANCIENT ELIXIR: Tulsi tea has been enjoyed down the ages as a tonic for the mind, body & spirit. Known as the “Queen of Herbs” and “Holy Basil,” tulsi is the most sacred Indian herb. Its leaves are renowned for a variety of health benefits.

⭐️ DE-STRESS WITH A CUPPA TULSI TEA: Among the many benefits in your cups of this delicious brew is its reputation as a natural anti-stress remedy. So when you’re feeling like your nerves are frayed, it’s the perfect choice for a relaxing refreshment.

⭐️ USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Brew a cup or pot of this delicious tonic to share with loved ones. It’s 100 percent organic, non-GMO and gluten-free. So you can be sure its powerful adaptogenic and health-enhancing qualities are present in every tea bag.

Now you can easily enjoy the numerous health benefits associated with the most famous Indian herb in every cup of Tipson Tulsi Herbal Infusion Chamomile & Lemon Tea. Known as the “Queen of Herbs” and “Holy Basil,” this premium quality organic tea is considered the holiest of ancient Indian tonics. But it’s more than just legend. Scientifically, it’s considered to have adaptogenic properties which work as natural anti-stress activators. And research indicates that tulsi leaves can have wide-ranging health benefits in addition to its relaxing effect. It’s linked to everything from improvements to the digestive, respiratory and cardiovascular systems, to enhanced dental and oral health, weight loss, headache and fever reduction, skin and hair health and more.

It is believed to also be a possible tonic for diabetes, arthritis and kidney stone dissolution. No wonder it’s been enjoyed and prescribed as a health elixir in India for many centuries. And we seal our double-chambered tea bags in foil envelopes to preserve freshness and lock in the potent tulsi goodness. But this tea is more than just medicinal. Our all-natural Chamomile & Lemon Tea provides a delicious gourmet cup. It’s naturally caffeine-free, so enjoy it day or night, hot or cold. Trust Tipson for USDA certified organic teas that are great for a mid-day break – or make a whole pot to enjoy with friends and family!

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