Karina Bik

Karina Bik Enjoying Tipson Tea

Growing up in Europe, tea played a huge role in every meal, event, and celebration in my family. To this day, I have a particular weakness for healthy teas, good books, and fireplaces, and I sometimes leave the city and go to quiet towns nearby to sit and enjoy these simple pleasures.

I recently discovered this awesome organic tea company called Tipson that has a delicious selection of teas with lots of healthy ingredients – my favorite flavors are matcha masala chai, turmeric peach & moringa, and matcha blueberry.

Teas like these have a variety of natural health benefits, which is another reason I’m such a big fan: they help with weight loss, boost the immune system, support digestion, and reduce the risk of heart attack stroke, among other things. It’s also pretty awesome that they have zero calories, so you can drink them without fretting over your figure!

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