Drinking Matcha Tea

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One of my favorite wellness rituals to calm myself down after a crazy few days is to take a hot bath with magnesium, do a face mask (obsessed with a chlorophyll one that I have), sip on a nourishing tea (I’ve been loving Tipson organic teas) and sit with my legs up the wall for 10 minutes. I’ve tried meditation and I can’t seem to get into it, but so many people recommend meditating for 20 minutes. I wish I could get into that!

When I really want to treat myself I indulge in a massage. I use an app that sends someone to my home, so right after the massage I can roll right into bed and pass out – the best!

I shared Tipson Tea on my IG stories the other day and so many of you asked what my favorite flavors were. I didn’t realize I had so many tea lovers! In the morning I typically opt for coffee, but sometimes I really enjoy either a matcha latte or matcha green tea (iced in the summer months please)! In the afternoon if if I’m in the mood to sip on some tea I’ll opt for something decaffeinated like organic turmeric tea (which is also decreases inflammation and aids in digestion). At night while winding down I’m obsessed with the organic ashwagandha tea which is perfect to promote relaxation since it helps with stress and anxiety – it also helps me relax and go to sleep. I’ll also sip on an ashwagandha tea any time of day if I’m extra stressed about something in particular.

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